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to see if i still feel
2nd-Feb-2010 02:31 am
My roommate steals from me. I'm not talking borrowing without asking or forgeting to put things back. For instance, i have a pair of diamond earrings i got for my birthday from my mom a few years ago. I noticed she was wearing them, i said oh are those my earrings and she said no. the thing is though, they were mine. Anyway i waited a few days and said i really needed my earrings back, she pretended like i didnt know i was aling about. She does it in this absurdly passive way and she knows im extremely unconfident and therefore unconfrontational so she just takes advantage of me. the weird part is shes liek my best friend, like actually a great friend in many ways. but that is all over shadowed by the fact that she steals from me and then lies about it. I dont know what to do its driving me crazy. I'm always missing make up or clothes or jewelry, sometimes i find it in her room and take it back but some stuff i cant find and she carries around her make up (my make up) with her and never doesnt have her bag with her. I can't take it anymore, im going insane. Ive tried talking to her about it several times, i dont feel comfortable living in my own apartment. my stuff is always missing. She straight lies about it when i ask her, shes completely taking advantage of me and i dont know how to stop it. Please, some advice here would be great. I live with her, so a big blow out would just make things even worse. help me please. its really driving me nuts. i think about it all day, its been going on for months and now everytime a friend asks to borrow anything i freak out. she's a psycho stealer and liar yet shes also my roommate and friend, one that i am growing extremely resentful towards, but friend nonetheless.
13th-Mar-2014 05:12 am (UTC) - episode
Hey I'm new to this and have not posted anything yet. I'm 22 and was diagnosed last year. I want to hear people's stories. Do you have Skype?
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